Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by people around you?  Even the people who are closest to you?  Don't despair.  You may be walking in the Gifting of a Burden Bearer and not even realize it...

"You Are About to Learn the Blessing (and Sometimes Hurt) of Serving as a Burden Bearer...

And why Burden Bearing is so very important to the times we live - and the people you love."

Dear Friend,

Right now, our world is in chaos.  We are living in an extremely difficult time, and many people are struggling.  Sometimes it's tough to leave the house, because everywhere you go you encounter people who are afraid and concerned about their future.    

Perhaps you were recently drawn to this topic of Burden Bearing, and have been wondering why you feel heavy burdened by events and people around you.  It is quite possible that you are beginning to notice an increased intensity within the lives of people who are closest to you.  Maybe, you are beginning to sense that people are calling on you more and more, to give them encouragement and support.  

There is a reason...

Obviously, there are many people hurting right now and are really searching for someone they know will stand with them no matter what.  You may be that person that people find comfort with, and are drawn to.  If that's you, you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.

We want to share with you a free e-Class to help you understand and learn...

  • Why you often feel overwhelmed by the burdens of others, and what you must do. (Knowing this will help set you free from much of the hurt you've been recently experiencing).
  • Why people tend to come around you when they are hurting most- and why they often feel immediately comforted when they share things with you.  (And why you may feel a bit overwhelmed).  
  • Why you are so incredibly sensitive to the hurts of people around you, and why you often "discern" the pains of others - before anyone even has to say anything to you. (Understanding this will strengthen your Faith, and give you courage as you go forward).
  • Why (For your own health sake), it is essential that you learn to release the burdens you carry, and where you need to take them.
  • How your own deep and personal hurts have prepared you for this "Calling" (as a Burden Bearer), and why it's vital that you understand and deal with your own unresolved issues.
  • How to continue to love unconditionally, and still survive in a very self-serving and highly conditional world.  

 And much, much more...

This will not cost you a dime, and may just give you the relief and answers you have been seeking.

Just use your name and primary e-mail address as your password - then click the "Free Instant Access!" button. (All information is kept 100% confidential, and you can opt-out anytime you like). 

You will receive immediate Access, and notification by e-mail.

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